New token in Jaxx: SENSE

The SENSE token (Sense Token And Protocol For Human Intelligence on the Sensay platform) is now available in Jaxx. All Jaxx users can now send, receive, transfer and hold their SENSE tokens.

The SENSE team’s whitepaper is available here

The SENSE token, designed to reward human capital, is now available on the Jaxx platform

You can follow all the SENSE developments using the following channels:



Telegram group:


Tip: Close & reopen Jaxx to see the SENSE token in the wallet selection screen

New token in Jaxx: Zap’s token, ZAP, is now available in Jaxx. All Jaxx users can now send, receive, transfer, and hold their ZAP tokens.

The team has published a write-up of their token:

You can follow developments using the following channels:
Telegram group: is based out of Zug, Switzerland.

The ZAP token is available across all Jaxx platforms and joins many great blockchain projects on the Jaxx wallet list. 

New tokens in Jaxx: Brickblock & Polymath


The Polymath token, “POLY”, is now available in Jaxx. All Jaxx users can now send, receive, transfer, and hold their POLY tokens.

The Polymath team has published a write-up of their token at

You can follow Polymath developments using the following channels:
Telegram group:

Polymath is based in Decentral’s hometown: Toronto, Canada.

The POLY token is available across all Jaxx platforms and joins many illustrious blockchain projects on the Jaxx wallet list.



The Brickblock token, “BBK”, is now available in Jaxx. Jaxx users that have participated in the BBK tokensale can now initialize a BBK wallet and view their tokens.

Unlike other tokens in Jaxx, these tokens are not transferable until the end of the BBK token sale. We encourage all BBK holders to stay up-to-date on the project development and release schedule through Brickblock’s social channels & website:

Telegram Group:

Jaxx Version 1.3.11 Released On All Platforms

Jaxx v. 1.3.11 is now available on Android, iOS, Linux, Chrome Extension, and all other platforms. This version brings improvements to the ShapeShift interface, transaction construction (mining fee) algorithm, security updates, and many smaller improvements.

Read more about these improvements below.


ShapeShift is now even easier to access through Jaxx. We’ve improved the interface to make it easier to understand and interact with. Upcoming versions of Jaxx will make this even easier.

Transaction Construction Algorithm (Transaction Cost Improvement)

Transactions are now being constructed in a more intelligent manner. UTXOs will now only be incorporated into a transaction if the value of that input is greater than the additional transaction fee cost (i.e. mining fee * bytes of input). This means lower costs for some transactions, which is particularly important for Bitcoin transactions. We will continue to do our part to help bring down transaction costs for Jaxx users.

Security Updates

We’ve improved the security of Jaxx in several ways. Certain Electron behaviours regarding drag-and-drop and “nodeIntegration” are now disabled, and system browsers will be relied upon in more cases (as opposed to the Electron browser). A special thank you to the Ethereum Blue team for their responsible disclosure of an Electron-related issue. We encourage disclosure to our Chief Security Officer, Dr. Shu Wang, at: [email protected]

New Tokens in Jaxx: Dentacoin (DCN) + Bitclave (CAT)

The Dentacoin (DCN) and Bitclave (CAT) tokens are now available in Jaxx. This brings the total number of digital assets available through Jaxx to 56.

Both tokens are ERC20 and available across all platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome extension, etc.).

Dentacoin (DCN)

The Dentacoin team aims to bring blockchain to the global dental industry. In their own words they are “improving dental care worldwide and making it affordable through crowd power. Numerous Blockchain-based tools will be developed and implemented.”

Project Website:




Bitclave (CAT)

The Bitclave team is building a decentralized search engine. In their own words they are “a platform that enables direct customer-to-business interactions with no need for intermediaries.”

Project Website:




New token in Jaxx: U.CASH

The U.CASH token, “UCA”, is now available in Jaxx. All Jaxx users can now send, receive, transfer, and hold their UCA tokens.

The U.CASH team has published a write-up of their token at

Telegram group:


Like Jaxx, U.CASH is based in Toronto, Canada.

The UCA token is available across all Jaxx platforms and joins many illustrious blockchain projects on the Jaxx wallet list.

A Phenomenal Year of Growth: 713,000 Jaxx Users

2017 was a year of enormous growth for Jaxx. We’re starting 2018 with nearly three quarters of a million confirmed, regular users of Jaxx.

At this time last year we had approximately 16,000 users on Android. Today we have around 295,000. That’s a 20 fold increase in 12 months. The growth story is very similar on our other platforms (iOS, Chrome extension, desktop, etc.).

In total there are over 713,000 regular users of Jaxx. There are 295k users on Android, 297k users on iOS, 121k users of the Chrome extension, and an uncounted number of desktop users. There are also many hundreds of thousands more people who choose to use the Jaxx software anonymously on desktop (since we don’t track users actively, in line with our stance on privacy), or who use the application infrequently (i.e. not using it within the 30 day window that we use for counting users).  In total we estimate that there may be over one million Jaxx users globally, but we prefer to give the most conservative numbers.

Start of 2017 till start of 2018: Installs on Active Devices (Android).

On iOS (iPhone primarily) we’ve seen 30x growth in “Active Last 30 Days” users, which is the measure of how many users have used our application in the last 30 days. This is an important number for us because it’s the real measure of users, as opposed to just measuring downloads. As with all cryptocurrency software, more people download our product than continue as long-term users. In total, our application was used approximately 30,000,000 times on iOS in 2017.

Because of the way iTunes tracks iOS users, we can only see the percentage of people who have opted-in to sharing data with us, and the total number of people who have shared data. By multiplying these numbers we obtain a final user count of 297,571 users active within the last 30 days.

In a typical day, we see approximately 3,000 to 8,000 new people download Jaxx for the first time on iOS. We think this is largely new people to the blockchain ecosystem, but we know that we also have some users switching to our product from other wallet services.

On the Chrome extension store, the Jaxx application has around 121,000 users. Jaxx was the first Chrome extension wallet available on the market and it continues to be popular, even while we’ve expanded to other platforms.

The Jaxx website has seen an astonishing increase in traffic in 2017. In January of 2017 there were fewer than 20,000 visitors to In December of 2017 there were over 650,000 visitors to

And 2018 is already off to an incredible start. More people visited our website in the first two weeks of 2018 than visited the site in the first six months of 2017. This reflects a general growth in the number of people getting involved in cryptocurrency and digital assets, as well as increased utility of the Jaxx application. Nearly 60 tokens (and their corresponding communities) are accessible through Jaxx, right now, on all of our platforms.

A typical day sees approximately 100 people using the website at any given time.

To go along with our user growth, Jaxx has recently moved to a new 15,000 square foot office in downtown Toronto, and we’re quickly adding to the team. If you’d like to be a part of the Jaxx growth story in 2018 please don’t hesitate to reach out to us: [email protected]

Jaxx Development Update: version 1.3.8 released on all platforms

Jaxx Version 1.3.8

Jaxx Development Update: version 1.3.8 released on all platforms

Earlier this morning Jaxx v1.3.8 went live on Android, Chrome, Windows, Mac, and Linux. The update to our iOS client has been sent to Apple for their approval. This release includes new features and a few bug fixes of note. Be sure you have your 12-word backup phrase written down before you update Jaxx. New features you’ll find in Jaxx include:

  • ETH Gas Limit Control: you now have more flexibility setting ETH transaction gas limit maximums and minimums. This feature is particularly helpful when participating in ICOs.
  • Paper Wallet: simple functionality has been included to allow you to transfer paper wallets into Jaxx.
  • Pricing Data: we’ve updated the way we manage coin and token prices to be faster and more frequent.

The Jaxx 1.3.8 release includes fixes to a handful of bugs in earlier releases. Those updates include:

  • BTC History: transaction histories for BTC wallets display correct balances.
  • ETC Spendable: spendable balance is checked before allowing a send-transaction. attempt. This forces confirmation available funds match the send request.
  • ETH Balances: ETH wallets now show accurate balances. The bug causing balances to display the actual value divided by 10 has been resolved.
  • ERC20 Spendable:  spendable balance is checked and verified before attempting a send transaction for all ERC20 tokens.
  • ShapeShift Unavailable Message: new pop-up notice in Jaxx on tokens Shapeshift has made “temporarily unavailable” in their service.

You can upgrade your Jaxx client on your favourite platform by visiting our download page today. We value your input – reach out to us on twitter or register a request with our Support team. And always remember: you should write down your 12-word backup phrase and keep it in a safe place.

We will no longer support  devices running Android 4.4 and older.  Users on Android 5.1 or older who have not backed up their 12-word backup phrase and who have also not ever paired their wallet on any of the other platforms Jaxx supports – iOS, Mac, Linux, Windows and Chrome Extension – should reach out to our support team for help.

And always remember: you should write down your 12-word backup phrase and keep it in a safe place.



Jaxx Development Update: Android 5.1

Jaxx Support - android 5.1

Jaxx Development Update: Android 5.1

An announcement from our Development team: Jaxx will no longer be available on devices running versions older than 5.1 of the Android OS. The Android OS releases known as Lollipop were released as early as 2014. Devices running Android OS versions that predate Lollipop (5.1) do not have the ability to handle the latest version of our Jaxx Wallet.

Users on Android 5.1 or older who have not backed up their 12-word backup phrase and who have also not ever paired their wallet on any of the other platforms Jaxx supports – iOS, Mac, Linux, Windows and Chrome Extension – should reach out to our support team for help.


Jaxx Development Update for December 1st 2017

Jaxx iOS

The Jaxx development team here at Decentral Inc. has been busy this Fall. We’re proud of our work offering our application across eight platforms and supporting dozens of exciting blockchain projects. We’ve made significant progress on our mission to deliver the best HD wallet in the world.

Infrastructure: We’ve increased and improved the infrastructure we use to operate nodes on the variety of blockchains we support. This added capacity makes Jaxx faster and more reliable than ever. We’ll continue rolling out new infrastructure (servers and systems) in December as expand to meet & exceed demand for Jaxx wallets.

Security Improvements and User Education: We’ve implemented an optional pin code to more strongly protect our user’s assets. This pin secures access in Jaxx to the screens that display the 12-word Masterseed “backup phrase” (BIP39). Users new to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies often do not understand the power of the 12-word Masterseed structure we use in Jaxx. We never hold or control our user’s assets; those assets remain on their respective blockchains and the Masterseed is a powerful tool for controlling them. Adding pin functionality has been a great way to help new users understand how to use their Masterseed to pair their wallets across devices and to understand the Masterseed should be backed-up.

Asset Swapping with Shapeshift: We’ve made UI changes to make the swapping of tokens easier and more intuitive. Control of gas prices and clear confirmations have helped make Shapeshifting assets inside Jaxx easy.

Tokens and Coins Supported:

Several of the tokens supported in Jaxx are not available in any other wallet available on iOS. Tokens and Coins currently live in Jaxx include:

AION / Nuco CVC / Civic EOS GUP / Match Pool
ANT / Aragon CFI / CoFoundIt ETH / Ethereum MLN / Melon
REP / Augur CRB / CreditBit ART / Maecenas MCO / Monaco
BNT / Bancor DPP / DA Powerplay ETC / Ethereum Classic MCI / Musiconomi
BAT / Basic Attention DASH / Dash 1ST / Firstblood PPP / PayPie
BCAP / Blockchain Capital DGD / Digix FUL / Fuel POE /
BTC / Bitcoin DOGE / Dogecoin GNO / Gnosis PRE / Presearch
BCH / Bitcoin Cash DRT / DomRaider GNT / Golem QTUM
LTC / Litecoin EDG / Edgeless ICN / Iconomi RSK Testnet
BCP / Blockmason ENJ / Enjin RLC / iExec RLC ROUND
SLT / Salt STX / Stox UKG / Unikrn
SAN / Santiment SWM / Swarm WINGS / Wings
SNT / Status PAY / TenX WRC / Worldcore
STO / Storm TKN / TokenCard ZEC / Zcash

Looking Forward to 2018: we expect the cryptocurrency and blockchain communities will continue their growth in 2018. The Decentral team will continue to expand the Jaxx platform to support the best and brightest blockchain projects. If you would like to see a certain project supported in Jaxx, do add your voice to others on our social media communities to cast your vote. Find us on or