New in Jaxx: Helbiz HBZ Token

The Helbiz token, HBZ, is now available in Jaxx. All Jaxx users can now send, receive, transfer, and hold their Helbiz tokens.

The Helbiz team has published a write-up of their token here:
You can follow Helbiz developments using the following channels:
Helbiz is an open transportation platform. It is a P2P car-sharing platform with a utility token that powers the entire system.

The Helbiz token, HBZ, is available across all Jaxx platforms and joins a growing list of blockchain projects on the Jaxx wallet list.

Helbiz HBZ token
Tip: close & reopen Jaxx to see HBZ in the wallet selection screen

New token in Jaxx: Ripio Credit Network’s RCN

RCN Ripio blockchain smart contract

The Ripio Credit Network token, RCN, is now available in Jaxx. All Jaxx users can send, receive, transfer, and hold their RCN tokens. The Ripio Credit Network team has published a write-up of their token at

You can follow RCN developments using the following channels:

Twitter: @RCN_token
Telegram group:

RCN is a peer-to-peer global credit network protocol based on co-signed smart contracts and blockchain technology.
The RCN token is available across all Jaxx platforms and joins a growing number of blockchain projects on the Jaxx wallet list.

RCN Ripio Credit Union
Tip: close & reopen Jaxx to see RCN in the wallet selection screen

Tip: close & reopen Jaxx to see RCN in the wallet selection screen

Welcome RSK to the Jaxx ecosystem

RSK SBTC RootStock Jaxx

The RSK token, brought to you by the RootStock Project, is now available in Jaxx. RSK is the first open-source smart contract platform with a 2-way peg to Bitcoin that also rewards Bitcoin miners via merge-mining. All Jaxx users can now send, receive, transfer, and hold their SBTC.

The RSK team has published a write-up of their project here.

You can follow RSK developments using the following channels:
Facebook: @RSKsmart
Twitter: @RSKsmart
RSK is based in Buenos Aires.
Click here for the Jaxx Knowledge Base, to find out how you can access SBTC. There will be more information to come on the latest developments using SBTC.
Tip: close & reopen Jaxx to see SBTC in the wallet selection screen

1.2 Million Jaxx Downloads and Counting

more than one million Jaxx cryptocurrency wallet downloads

We have big news to share with you about Jaxx cryptocurrency wallet downloads. Since January 1st, 2017, Jaxx has been downloaded more than 1.2 million times from the Google Play Store, iTunes App Store, and the Chrome Web Store. In this article we’ll show you the data behind this headline and our analysis of the download trends that we’ve seen.

spike in Google search bitcoin 2017 2018
There has been a dramatic surge in Google searches for “bitcoin” around December of 2017.

The download pattern for Jaxx roughly follows global interest in cryptocurrencies. Above is the Google Trends chart for “Bitcoin” since January 1st, 2017.

The highest level of Google search interest was seen in the run-up to late December. We can observe a similar pattern, with a tailing off to approximately October levels of interest. The graph below shows iTunes-reported downloads of Jaxx since January 1st, 2017. The total number of downloads on iOS is about 548,000.

Apple store iOs Jaxx downloads 2017 2018
iTunes reported downloads of Jaxx since start of 2017

Although different app stores have different methodologies, the pattern on Android is quite similar. Jaxx users surged in the summer of 2017 (proportionally higher than the Google search data would suggest) and then spiked again in December and early January. Jaxx has been downloaded 528,000 times on Android devices between January, 2017 and March, 2018.

Jaxx cryptocurrency wallet downloads on Android devices
Jaxx has been downloaded 528,000+ times on Android devices since January, 2017

The Chrome Extension Store notes more than 130,000 users of Jaxx, which takes the total of these platforms to well over 1.2 million downloads. In addition to these numbers, there are also many thousands of users on the desktop versions of Jaxx (Windows, Linux, and Mac).

Downloads of Jaxx are driven by a variety of factors. Although our download pattern is roughly consistent with overall global interest, there are spikes that can be seen in the data that correlate with new token integrations and improvements to Jaxx features. Jaxx continues to be the only mainstream wallet for some tokens, and the most comprehensive multi-platform wallet. You can experience Jaxx for yourself by clicking here.

News drives interest

Specific news stories about our Founder and CEO Anthony Diiorio, are often the cause of spikes in downloads. One article that continues to drive interest in Jaxx and Decentral is this Forbes profile on Diiorio in their inaugural Richest People In Cryptocurrency edition.

Although global search engine traffic for “bitcoin” has waned since the peak in December, interest remains strong. A review of the graphs above shows that cryptocurrency interest is at about October/November levels, and far above the historic level of interest.

We expect strong global interest to continue in 2018 and a big increase in Jaxx users and downloads, especially with the release of our new major upgrade later this year: “Jaxx Liberty.”

New token in Jaxx: ShipChain’s SHIP token

ShipChain’s SHIP token is designed to disrupt transport and logistics on the blockchain

ShipChain launched the SHIP token, which unifies shipment tracking on the Ethereum blockchain. All Jaxx users can now send, receive, transfer, and hold their SHIP tokens.

The Jaxx <> SHIP integration creates another way for shippers, freight forwarders and others in the industry to begin using SHIP to reward drivers.” –  John Monarch, CEO, ShipChain

ShipChain has published a write-up of their project. You can find out more about the SHIP token here.

You can keep up with SHIP token developments using the following channels:


Twitter: @ShipChain

Telegram group:


The SHIP token is now available across all Jaxx platforms. It joins a growing number of blockchain projects on the Jaxx wallet list.

Tip: Close & reopen Jaxx to see the $SHIP token in the wallet selection screen

Working together to keep digital assets safe

Security best practices for using the Jaxx wallet

February 26, 2018 — As Canada’s leading blockchain company, Decentral takes security very seriously. Since 2015, the Decentral team has been working diligently and continuously to ensure that the system we have in place for our Jaxx cryptocurrency wallet offers our users portability, privacy, security, and — above all — preventing user losses.

Jaxx, a leading multi-asset and multi-platform digital wallet, puts users in control of their cryptocurrency assets by giving them true ownership of their private keys and keeping them up-to-date on security best practices. With an industry-leading team, including Chief Security Officer, Dr. Shu Wang, hired from IBM in 2017, Decentral is proud of the Jaxx wallet’s secure design.

With Jaxx, since keys are stored on our users’ devices, we are recommending best practices that Jaxx wallet users should consider to help keep their digital assets safe:

  1. Secure your device. Use your mobile or desktop device’s security features to safeguard access to it. Please note that this needs to be done manually on an Android mobile device. It goes without saying that if someone accesses your unlocked smartphone, they can steal information like email and photos.
  2. Upgrade your device’s operating system (OS) regularly.
  3. Ensure you have the latest version of Jaxx running to benefit from the latest security updates.
  4. If you’re dealing with life-changing amounts of digital assets, consider a paper wallet stored in a bank vault or other physically secured environment. The Jaxx wallet is designed with ease-of-use, avoiding user error, and portability in mind. There are other options and we encourage users to explore whether another approach is prudent, given their risk tolerance, technical abilities, and computing environment.

The Jaxx Customer Support team is available 24 hours a day to assist users with security best practice questions.

There have been incorrect claims made about Jaxx’s security. What is improperly described by some as a “weakness,” actually serves to protect Jaxx users from some of the most common forms of cryptocurrency losses. The way that security on Jaxx has been designed and implemented avoids lost or forgotten passwords — the single most costly factor resulting in the loss of cryptocurrency. The carefully engineered Jaxx system ensures that if and when that happens, users have a safety net.

Jaxx’s development team has created a system that encrypts mnemonics using a password but has chosen not to roll out this system because of the chance of customer losses due to forgetting passwords or issues with decryption. It is the company’s view that the best method for avoiding loss is to rely on device-level encryption as opposed to a Javascript-based application-level encryption method, even if that method might be perceived by some people as ‘higher security.’

Decentral’s President, Addison Cameron-Huff, says the company’s approach to security and user experience is strategic: “The Jaxx wallet is easy to use, with a carefully designed approach to ensuring ease-of-use, security, functionality, and portability.”

There is a robust system in place to best serve Jaxx users. Jaxx’s customer support team responds within hours, if not minutes, to all customer inquiries. It quickly investigates any alleged hacking or theft. “So far, these have yielded nothing but false alarms as it pertains to a Jaxx security breach,” says Cameron-Huff. “But we are, and will remain, vigilant.”

Beyond monitoring, Jaxx Chief Security Officer, Dr. Shu Wang, carefully reviews all security reports and proposes mitigation or remediation. Said Dr. Wang, “We are always investigating new ways to improve our systems, balancing the needs of our users. We are dedicated to providing a quality product that is both user-friendly and secure.”

For more information, please contact Anne Gaviola, Decentral’s Content & Communications Lead: 1-888-650-3796, [email protected].


New token in Jaxx: Winding Tree’s Líf token

Winding Tree's Líf token
Winding Tree’s Líf token is now live in the Jaxx cryptocurrency wallet

Winding Tree has launched the Líf token, which focuses on decentralized travel distribution. Find out more at

You can keep up with Líf token developments using the following channels:


Twitter: @WindingTree

Telegram group:


The Líf token is now available across all Jaxx platforms. It joins many blockchain projects on the Jaxx wallet list.

Tip: Close & reopen Jaxx to see the Líf token in the wallet selection screen

Jaxx development update: KryptoKit extension, RushWallet and EthereumWallet announcement

KryptoKit extension, RushWallet and EthereumWallet news

The clock is ticking. The end-of-life process for the KryptoKit chrome extension as well as RushWallet and EthereumWallet clients has begun. Decentral no longer supports these platforms. They will be taken offline for their planned end-of-life on April 15th 2018.

If these changes affect you, please click here for a step-by-step guide on what to do next.

KryptoKit: End of Life

Users of the KryptoKit chrome extension are much better served by the Jaxx Chrome extension. That’s because Jaxx is faster, more secure, and has more features. KryptoKit users can use their private keys from inside KryptoKit to access those wallets inside the latest update of Jaxx. The Jaxx Chrome extension is available on the Jaxx website.

Similar improvements are available to RushWallet and EthereumWallet users who upgrade to Jaxx. Please note that Jaxx is available for iOS, Android, Mac, Linux and Windows – in addition to the Chrome extension. Download Jaxx for your preferred platform on our downloads page today.

What’s in a name?

We have good news and bad news. Let’s start with the bad news. There was an imposter account on Twitter with the handle @jaxxsupport which was confusing people. Please note that our company tweets about all things Jaxx from Jaxx_Support and jaxx_io (notice the placement of the underscores). These are your best Twitter sources for updates and news about the Jaxx cryptocurrency wallet.

This imposter “Jaxx Support” account was using the handle @jaxxsupport

The imposter account stated that it was located in California. But we are based in Toronto, Canada, and we serve our users and clients all around the world. Plus, it definitely wasn’t us.

The very good news is that we have taken ownership of this space and the people who created it have had their account suspended because it violated Twitter rules.

We want to share this with you, and we want to take some time to thank all our loyal Twitter followers who brought this rogue account to our attention and helped report it to Twitter. We are so grateful for your continued support and your vigilance. Our goal is to give you the best Jaxx cryptocurrency wallet experience available. A big thank you from all of us here at the Decentral team.

New token in Jaxx: SENSE

The SENSE token (Sense Token And Protocol For Human Intelligence on the Sensay platform) is now available in Jaxx. All Jaxx users can now send, receive, transfer and hold their SENSE tokens.

The SENSE team’s whitepaper is available here

The SENSE token, designed to reward human capital, is now available on the Jaxx platform

You can follow all the SENSE developments using the following channels:



Telegram group:


Tip: Close & reopen Jaxx to see the SENSE token in the wallet selection screen