Announcing DomRaider Token, DRT, is Integrated and Live in Jaxx

Announcing DomRaider Token, DRT, is Integrated and Live in Jaxx

18th October 2017 / Decentral – Toronto – Decentral Inc, home of the Jaxx Blockchain Interface and the Decentral Community announced today that the Domraider token, DRT, is integrated and now live in the Jaxx ecosystem.  

Thanks to the funds collected from its ICO (, DomRaider will develop an open-source solution designed to carry out real-time management of auctions based on blockchain technology. “The results of our presale have proved to us that there is a strong interest in our blockchain platform project designed for the auctioning world. We are very pleased with the great interest of the community, our ambassadors and our partners from around the world – including Jaxx CEO Anthony Di Iorio. We’re excited to see DRT integrated in the Jaxx wallet today.”

Anthony Di Iorio described DomRaider’s future, “DomRaider will transform the untapped potential of both the online and the physical auctioning market using decentralized technologies. Their work focused on creating real-time management of any auction in the world is an exciting application of blockchain technology & I’m glad I can help them succeed. Exposing DRT to the over 400,000 Jaxx users is a great way to do this!”

DomRaider is designed to be fully scalable, reliable and transparent (publicly verifiable auctions that are impossible to falsify). The service will also be communal and interoperable while offering very fast transactional speeds with very low fees.


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DomRaider is a French hypergrowth startup, and the European market leader for auctioning expired domain names. For comment, reach them via:

Contact Name: Sabrina Gaillac and Julien Fernandes

Contact Email: [email protected]

Location: Clermont Ferrand, France

Company: DomRaider

Phone: +33(0)9 72 56 64 83