Integrations’s CFI Token Now Live in Jaxx

30 Days of Jaxx, Day 2: CFI Token Integration

Jaxx is excited to announce the addition of the (CFI) token to its platform. On top of the token integration, Jaxx is looking forward to developing its partnership with through multiple upcoming blockchain projects. As a platform, supports the development, vetting and launching of new projects, which ultimately helps in creating value for all stakeholders.

As the official wallet for future token sales, Jaxx is thrilled to be supporting the platform. Users participating in token sales using the Jaxx wallet will instantly have their new tokens available in their wallet.

Jaxx users are recommended to take advantage of’s “Priority Pass”, which grants users early access to crowd sales. This requires a minimum of 5,000 verified (CFI) tokens in the user’s Jaxx wallet whenever a token pre-sale is happening. The more CFI tokens being held, the more a user can participate in pre-sales. Please visit’s blog for more details.

“It’s always exhilarating to support others in our space when their goals mirror ours,” said Anthony Di Iorio, founder and CEO of Jaxx. “Adding CFI tokens to our wallet should signal to our users that they’ll be able to participate in token sales in a much faster way than ever before. Our ecosystem is moving at lightning speed and our strategic partnership with will help us streamline the release of new tokens.”

Stay tuned for upcoming token sales on’s platform. As the official wallet, our goal at Jaxx is to implement tokens on their respective launch dates. Some of the upcoming projects are:

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