Jaxx Liberty In-app Help Launched

Our latest release of Jaxx Liberty brings immediate answers to your questions, directly in your Jaxx Liberty wallet interface.

We’ve added extensive technical support tools to the app so you won’t have to waste any time bouncing between your email, a support website, and social media to get the information you need. It’s also safer, because everything you need for an instant answer is now in Jaxx Liberty, free of scammers and impersonators you may run into on social media. When you have a question, simply click the orange conversation bubble at the top right of your Jaxx Liberty main screen to launch our help system and get prompt assistance. Easy peasy.

HELP - Jaxx Liberty

We’re excited to provide this new convenient service to you because it lets us help you quickly and safely. It’s built on years of experience and more than 160,000 support cases. We learned the best solutions to the most common user issues, and answer 99% of them in our new in-app help system. Are you wondering how to send ETH to a Smart Contract? Where’s that Doge you should be receiving? Or maybe you’re getting an error and need to know what to do about it. Click that orange bubble, follow the interactive prompts, and get your answer right away.

HELP - Jaxx Liberty

We believe this new Jaxx Liberty feature improves your experience in the world of digital assets because it’s a smarter, faster, and safer path for your crypto journey.