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New to Jaxx Liberty (Beta): MobileGo’s MGO

MobileGo integrated to Jaxx Liberty

Announcing our newest integration to the Jaxx Liberty (beta) ecosystem, MobileGo — a smart token that will enable peer-to-peer matchplay and decentralized gaming tournaments for competitive gamers worldwide. This is possible thanks to the Ethereum smart contract technologies on which MobileGo is based. MobileGo (MGO) is now rolled out on  Jaxx Liberty (beta) platforms. Jaxx Liberty users can now send, receive, transfer and hold their MGO.

Jaxx Liberty Wallet

The MobileGo Community

The MobileGo team has published a guide at:

You can follow our friends MobileGo on the following platforms: 

Twitter: @Mobilegooff
Telegram: @mobilegochannel

About Jaxx Liberty

Jaxx Liberty builds on the success of Jaxx, one of the most popular blockchain and cryptocurrency wallets, used by millions. With this release we’ve made major updates that include: a fresh new interface design; a unified dashboard; a customizable portfolio; market data and news; a multi-chain in-app Block Explorer and enhanced security options.

Used by millions, Jaxx is one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency wallets.  It’s cross-platform compatible and supports more than 70 digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

Why  Use Jaxx Liberty

    • Users are not required to provide personal information to interact with their digital assets.
    • Seamless peer-to-peer exchange between supported currencies using ShapeShift
    • Customized mining fee for all digital assets
    • Free world-class support from our User Success team, available around the clock by email and social media
    • Single master seed backup (this will be the only seed you will ever need for integrated coins)
    • Native camera scanning (images scanned are not transmitted off-device, broadcast or even stored)
    • Support for Ethereum contracts, custom data, and gas limits

Created by Decentral Inc., led by and Ethereum Co-Founder Anthony Di Iorio, Jaxx Liberty provides a cross-platform multi-currency interface for you to manage your cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

The Jaxx Liberty Community

You can follow our community across these various platforms:

Twitter: @jaxx_io | @jaxx_support 

Instagram: @jaxx_io