New tokens in Jaxx: Brickblock & Polymath


The Polymath token, “POLY”, is now available in Jaxx. All Jaxx users can now send, receive, transfer, and hold their POLY tokens.

The Polymath team has published a write-up of their token at

You can follow Polymath developments using the following channels:
Telegram group:

Polymath is based in Decentral’s hometown: Toronto, Canada.

The POLY token is available across all Jaxx platforms and joins many illustrious blockchain projects on the Jaxx wallet list.



The Brickblock token, “BBK”, is now available in Jaxx. Jaxx users that have participated in the BBK tokensale can now initialize a BBK wallet and view their tokens.

Unlike other tokens in Jaxx, these tokens are not transferable until the end of the BBK token sale. We encourage all BBK holders to stay up-to-date on the project development and release schedule through Brickblock’s social channels & website:

Telegram Group: