A Statement on Bitcoin Gold

At this time we do not plan to support Bitcoin Gold in Jaxx. We are, however, monitoring the situation closely and with great interest.

As of the writing of this post, October 23, Bitcoin Gold does not have  fully formed consensus code or a functional codebase, they have not Implemented replay protection, or have adequate code for testing and auditing, or have publicly known code developers. The Bitcoin Gold codebase does however contain a private premine of 8,000 blocks (100,000 BTG) owned and controlled by those anonymous developers.

Of the concerns with BTG by far the one weighing most on our minds is the lack of replay protection. If Bitcoin Gold does not implement strong two-way replay protection your BTG and BTC might be vulnerable to attack if you send BTG transactions. Do recall our previous post on replay protection, here.

We do not currently have plans to support BTG in Jaxx. However, we will continue to monitor the BTG situation and will notify you of decisions we make here on our blog.

Our priorities are, as always, the security of our users’ funds. You will always have control of your assets and private keys through your 12-word backup phrase.

If the BTG development team see this message we’d like to encourage them to reach out to us on

For further information, visit these links:

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