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Jaxx Liberty Sunsetting Update

On March 7th, 2023, Decentral – the makers of Jaxx Liberty – announced plans to retire Jaxx Liberty to focus on the development and expansion of our new flagship project, Andiami: The Quest for Liberty.

Normal functions of Jaxx Liberty will stop on March 27, 2023. After this date and for an unknown time, users will still be able to view their 12-word backup phrase required to migrate to another wallet, but they will be unable to make transactions and their balances may be out of date.

We recommend users migrate their wallets as soon as possible.

Links to Important Information

The following resources explain why Jaxx Liberty is going away and what it means for users. They include instructions for migrating your Jaxx Liberty wallet to Edge Wallet, Exodus Wallet, or another compatible multi-currency wallet. Read why we recommend Edge Wallet or Exodus Wallet.

  • Blog Post: Everything users need to know about Jaxx Liberty’s sunsetting, including how to easily migrate your wallet. Read it now
  • FAQs: Answers to frequently asked questions about Jaxx Liberty’s retirement and what it means for users. Read it now. 

To ensure news of Jaxx Liberty’s retirement reaches as many users as possible, we shared news about the app’s sunsetting through the following channels:

  • In-app bulletin: For the last few weeks, a persistent banner in Jaxx Liberty has alerted users that the application is scheduled for retirement and directed users to for more information.
  • Social media: Decentral & Jaxx Liberty’s official social media channels shared posts and resources about Jaxx Liberty’s sunsetting over the last few weeks. 
  • Email to MyJaxx subscribers: Recently, Jaxx newsletter subscribers were sent an email about Jaxx Liberty’s retirement that included links to more information.
  • In-app user support bot: For the last few weeks, Jaxx Liberty’s in-app support bot has directed any user that clicks “HELP” in the app to information about Jaxx Liberty’s retirement. 

Update on Jaxx Liberty User Support 

As a non-custodial wallet, Jaxx Liberty is simply an interface to various blockchains. Users’ funds and transactions are always safely on their respective blockchains (Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc.), and users always have control of their wallet’s backup phrase & private keys. When you migrate your Jaxx Liberty wallet to Edge Wallet or Exodus Wallet (or another company), you will simply be using a different interface to the same wallet information

Any user that experiences an issue with their wallet from this point on can reach out to their new wallet provider for support. Our friends at Edge Wallet and Exodus Wallet have provided specific instructions to migrate to their platforms and are ready to help address any issues you may have with migration (and any problems you may experience in the future).

In the lead-up to the migration, we are no longer accepting user support tickets. Any support needed now or in the future can be handled by your new wallet company. 

Andiami: “Let’s all go together.”

As we retire Jaxx Liberty and focus on Andiami: The Quest for Liberty, we wish to thank the millions of users that have used our wallet products over the years. We hope that you join us on our new mission: powering a user-controlled internet while assisting decentralized communities like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others to achieve decentralization. If you haven’t already, please consider joining the Andiami whitelist (while it’s open) at As a whitelist member, you’ll receive project updates and information on how you can take part in the project as it unfolds.