Jaxx Advanced Send Tab Smart Contract Features Released

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Jaxx Advanced Send Tab Smart Contract Features
Jaxx with Ethereum Smart Contract features

Anthony from Kryptokit here. We’re excited to announce the release of a major Ethereum-side improvement of Jaxx across all devices / platforms. Ethereum is all about smart contracts, and now with Jaxx beta version 0.0.15 users can send to Ethereum contracts.




Jaxx Advanced Send Tab Smart Contract Features


Once a contract address has been detected in the “receiving address” tab, an advanced panel will open, a suggested gas amount will be displayed as will options to adjust gas and add custom data to the send. Alternatively, the advanced tab can be opened manually. Enter 0 in the amount field, or the amount of Ether you want to send along with the contract in the amount field in order for the send button to activate. Also, on the Ethereum side, we added gas price display in transactions. With these new features, no longer is Jaxx just about payments, we’ve entered the initial stages of smart contract integration. More to come.

With Jaxx advanced send tab smart contract features, no longer is Jaxx just about payments, we’ve entered the initial stages of smart contract integration. More to come.


More to come this week with Jaxx!


With these major features released, we still have 2 more coming this week. Shapeshift integration and Ethereum (joining its Bitcoin counterpart) with HD (Hierarchal Deterministic) functionality. Stay tuned!

On another note, other features included in the 0.0.15 release include the option to import encrypted paper wallets (Bitcoin & Ethereum), various U/I and text tweaks, and crash fixes for Android devices.

Suggestions, comments, feedback always welcome. [email protected]


Anthony Di Iorio

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Jaxx Shapeshift Integration Sneak Peek

Jaxx Shapeshift
Jaxx Shapeshift
Jaxx Shapeshift Integration Sneak Peak


Hey all. Anthony from Kryptokit here. Super excited to show the community the Jaxx Shapeshift integration sneak peak. Rolling out on all devices / platforms a few days. Jaxx and Shapeshift together will, without doubt, be the easiest solution for buying Ether with Bitcoin (and vice versa)- and it’s done right in your Jaxx wallet!


About Jaxx Shapeshift


Shapeshift has been killing it lately with volume skyrocketing and loads of services integrating its API, allowing for crypto to crypto conversions. Erik Voorhees has been part of the Kryptokit team since 2013, so who better than him and his awesome team at Shapeshift to partner with to push out our first 3rd party integration. This will allow, for the first time ever in a Kryptokit product, users to buy Bitcoin and Ether directly inside their wallet. This is just another example of how we’re developing Jaxx with the goal to remove friction points and create awesome user experiences for Ethereum and Bitcoin.


Jaxx Shapeshift How it Works


Let’s go through the Bitcoin to Ether conversion process.To start a conversion (better known as a shift) first select your Bitcoin wallet. Open the send tab, select the Shapeshift icon (or type Shapeshift in the receiving address field), enter the Bitcoin amount you’d like to shift, then confirm the transaction. That’s it! When the transaction completes (might take some time), Ether will show up in your Ethereum wallet. It also works the other way around if you’re looking to buy Bitcoin with Ether, just start with your Ethereum wallet instead.


As you can see on the right, you’re also provided with the current rate and minimum / maximum deposit amounts for the shift. You’ve got everything you need right in Jaxx, all on one screen. This method is far simpler than going to the Shapeshift site as you don’t need to enter deposit or return addresses- It all gets automatically done in Jaxx using your built-in Bitcoin and Ether wallets.


This is one of three major features rolling out in the next few days. We’ll be announcing the other 2 shortly. In fact, we may by pushing out a new release today with one of those major ones included. shhh!


Feedback, feature suggestions, and comments are always welcome. We can be reached at [email protected] or you can call me directly on my mobile @ +1 416-831-9593.



Anthony Di Iorio

Decentral & Kryptokit are growing, devs wanted!

Bitcoin Cards, blockchain consulting

Decentral, Toronto’s decentralized technology innovation hub, is expanding and looking for developers to work on blockchain, Ethereum and Bitcoin software and apps, as well as other related projects. The ideal candidates will have at least 2 years of mobile-application development related experience and some knowledge of the blockchain space, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

You’ll be reporting to our Chief Technical Officer in contributing to the development of Jaxx by Kryptokit, our fleet of cross-platform Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets. You will also be helping us to design the next generation of decentralized software solutions.
– Experience in testing and validation to ensure the quality and functionality of apps.
– Experience with git source code repositories – Github, Bitbucket, etc.
– Experience with multiple mobile platforms – iOS, Android.
– Proficiency in Javascript, Java, Objective C.
– Familiarity with HTML/CSS.
– Ability to run or perform code reviews.
– Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
– A passion for clean and friendly UX.
– Ability to work in team settings, under tight-deadlines.

Why join Decentral:
– Competitive salary
– You’ll be working in a thriving startup alongside young, motivated individuals at our office in downtown Toronto
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If you’re interested, please contact Natasha at [email protected]
Resumes useful but not required. GTA-based candidates preferable.

About Decentral

Located in downtown Toronto, Decentral is an innovation hub for disruptive and decentralized technologies. We offer blockchain & fintech consultancy services and software development. We also organize community-driven events bringing together communities of enthusiasts in fintech, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and decentralized technologies.

Our enterprise consulting clients rely on us as skilled and experienced advisors to guide them in this rapidly changing and disruptive space. We also advise smaller businesses and startups, giving them a point of access for quality insight and review.

At Decentral, we are spearheading a joint strategic shift to transform Toronto into a global force for innovation. We are Toronto’s first hub for Ethereum, Bitcoin and blockchain, and home to Kryptokit, a security and privacy-based software company. Decentral has hosted over 110 events, becoming a source of networking and information through meetups and our 24-hour dashboard Decentral.tv.