Jaxx Liberty

All-in on Jaxx Liberty

Jaxx Liberty launched in 2018 with great success. Jaxx Liberty is your next-generation platform with the tools you need to manage all of your cryptocurrencies in one place, and take full control of your digital life.

With the success of Jaxx Liberty, and our increased focus on bringing you extended features and integrations, Jaxx Classic will be discontinued soon.

Jaxx Liberty is free, has many new features, an intuitive design, and an enhanced platform. If you’re a current Jaxx Classic user, migrating to Jaxx Liberty will be quick and easy.

A Focus on Jaxx Liberty

A huge thanks to the community of users who supports the Jaxx platform. You’ll be excited about where we’re taking Jaxx Liberty. We continue to incorporate our users’ most-requested features while continuously levelling up on user privacy and security.

Jaxx Classic is no longer available in the app stores.  If you’re still on the Jaxx Classic platform, now is the perfect time to move to Jaxx Liberty. With features like portfolio, market rates, a multi-chain block explorer, and news feeds, Jaxx Liberty will let you do much more than you could in the past.

5 Things You Should Know

We want to make your transition from Jaxx Classic to Jaxx Liberty, easy and seamless.

1.   You will have access to the same digital assets currently found in Jaxx Classic, and more.

Jaxx Liberty has more cryptocurrency and digital assets available than there are in Jaxx Classic. Currently, there are over 85 digital assets available in Jaxx Liberty.

2.   Jaxx Liberty is available across all platforms.  

It is available across iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux environments, and as a Google Chrome browser plug-in.

3.  Jaxx Liberty is a new platform, not an update.

We built Jaxx Liberty from scratch — bottom up. This is a new download, not an app update. Simply head on over to your favourite app store, or jaxx.io and select your device.

4. Your 12-word backup phrase remains the same.

Simply enter your Jaxx Classic 12-word backup phrase into Jaxx Liberty and you’ll then be able to access your digital assets.

5.  There’s a simple process to migrate to Jaxx Liberty. Here it is.

It’s free, easy, and quick. It should take less than two minutes. We’ve created the video below to show you how this migration process works:

It’s All Thanks To You

Thank you for being a part of this journey. We are truly grateful for your unwavering support and for choosing us as your digital asset platform.

Our promise to you, is to always provide you with high quality products. We’re excited about what we have planned for Jaxx Liberty and we can’t wait to show you. See you on Jaxx Liberty.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to shoot us a note at Jaxx Support.