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Zcash Sapling Upgrade Announcement

Dear Zcash Community,

On October 29th (at approx. 01:53 am UTC), the new Zcash hard fork release, Sapling, will go live. I regret to inform you that we, at Jaxx, have not fully completed the major upgrades that were required to be in place before the fork happens. What this means is that Jaxx users will not to be able to send and receive ZEC until our updates have been completed. We are expecting to be compliant with Sapling this coming week and push out new releases as soon as possible.

We initially targeted last week to finalize the upgrades, however, we managed to get the backend done and still need a little bit of time on the frontend, with the client app. Please know becoming compliant with Sapling is a priority and we will continue to update the community over the coming days on our progress via our Support Twitter , Telegram announcements channel and User Success Help Centre .

In the meantime, we ask all our Jaxx Classic users to migrate to the new Jaxx Liberty. Jaxx Liberty is a complete overhaul of Jaxx Classic and it is now available for Android, iOS, Chrome Extension, Linux, Windows, and Mac. Please note that the Zcash Sapling upgrade  will only be available on Jaxx Liberty and not Jaxx Classic, so it is important to install Jaxx Liberty if you are expecting to use Zcash when the Sapling fork upgrades have been completed.

For Jaxx Liberty download links please go here

For information how to  migrate from Jaxx Classic to Jaxx Liberty please check out this video

I understand how this issue may be frustrating for some of our Zcash users and I do ask for your patience and understanding as we work to complete the upgrade. If you urgently need to transfer your Zcash after the network upgrade and before we issue the Jaxx app updates, please send an email to our User Success team on with the subject Zcash Sapling fork and they will help you look at options.

Best regards,

Anthony Di Iorio

CEO Decentral & Jaxx