Apple iOS 13 Update Warning


  • iOS 13 causing significant global issues
  • Jaxx Liberty users are recommended not to upgrade to iOS 13
  • If you have already updated to iOS 13, select “Pair Again” if prompted 
  • We’re contacting Apple to find out more information and will update as soon as possible

On September 19th, Apple released the iOS 13 mobile operating system. Immediately after the update reached user devices, numerous issues were reported by iPhone users and several online publications (Forbes, MacWorld, Wired) put out specific warning articles regarding problems surrounding this new operating system

The problems were generally surrounding unexpected app behaviour that used to work fine before the update and were no longer working as expected after the operating system update. For instance, the Verge reported “Apps randomly crash when opening them, cellular signals drop, the Camera app can be slow, pictures have randomly gotten new dates assigned to them, AirDrop has had issues, the text field flips out sometimes in iMessages, and more.”

Apple is generally quick in resolving these issues and at the time we’re writing this article, an update is already being rolled out with bugfixes and improvements, iOS 13.1 – released on September 24.

Because of these reported significant bugs, we recommend Jaxx Liberty users do not update to iOS13 yet. In case you plan to update your iOS device, please be sure you have a copy of your 12 words backup phrase.

If you’ve already updated to iOS 13, when you open the Jaxx Liberty app for the first time on the new operating system, you may be prompted by a Recovery screen like the one below. We recommend choosing the first option at the top of the page “Pair Again”:

After choosing that option, you will be taken to a screen where your 12 words backup phrase is auto-populated in the pair process, and clicking the orange “Restore Wallet” at the bottom of the page will reload all your wallet information and bring you to your wallet’s Dashboard screen.

We are reaching out to Apple to ask for feedback on why the newest operating system is affecting Jaxx Liberty this way so we can mediate such events in the future.

Our Community Success team is also available to help if you’re encountering any type of issues. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us via the Help Center portal on or join our Telegram channel for live discussions over Jaxx Liberty ( Thanks!