ShapeShift Memberships in Jaxx Liberty

ShapeShift Memberships in Jaxx Liberty

Jaxx Liberty is a platform. It provides native functionality for managing your blockchain assets. And it provides for on-platform functionalities by allowing users to interact directly with third parties — like ShapeShift, whose exchange functionality will undergo significant changes from 5 pm Eastern Time (22:00 UTC) on Wednesday, November 7th.

ShapeShift Membership and Jaxx Users

ShapeShift is now changing the way it interacts with users. ShapeShift Membership is a registration and loyalty program that requires basic customer information — ShapeShift calls this a “Level 1 membership” — and provides ShapeShift’s FOX token to its users. We’re told that the FOX token will provide ShapeShift users with benefits like higher trading limits, rewards on trading volume, better exchange pricing, private market and trade data, and early access to new coins, products and services.

As a result of this change, those who wish to be ShapeShift users must sign up and activate a Level 1 membership on the ShapeShift Web site here. ShapeShift users will then be able to connect their account in order to access the service directly through Jaxx Liberty, as of 5 pm Eastern Time (22:00 UTC), November 7.

We know users enjoy the seamless ShapeShift experience.  If you wish to continue using ShapeShift in this way, you can do so by making sure you have upgraded from Jaxx to Jaxx Liberty. It’s free and the upgrade takes less than two minutes. We have added exciting new features in Jaxx Liberty like portfolio charts, market prices, a multi-chain block explorer, and news feeds.

We are expecting the Jaxx Liberty update that provides for the updated ShapeShift connection to be available as of the morning — Eastern Time — of November 8th. As a result, ShapeShift access will no longer be possible via Jaxx or Jaxx Liberty from 5 pm Eastern Time (22:00 UTC) on November 7th, and will be enabled only in the Jaxx Liberty update the following day.

Connecting ShapeShift Account to Jaxx Liberty

Here are a few steps required to connecting your ShapeShift Membership account to your Jaxx Liberty:

Step 1: Download and install Jaxx Liberty. If you’re currently using the original Jaxx, here’s how to migrate to Jaxx Liberty in less than two minutes.

Step 2: Get a ShapeShift Membership account. If you already have one, go to the next step. If you don’t have one, visit and get a Level 1 membership. Then continue with Step 3.

Step 3: Open Jaxx Liberty wallet and go to the menu.

Step 4: Scroll down to Third Party Authorization. If you don’t have this item in the menu, update to the version 2.0.6 or higher.

Step 5: Choose the ShapeShift option from the Third Party Authorization menu.

Step 6: Click or tap on the orange Connect to ShapeShift button.

Step 7: Authenticate with your ShapeShift account. This is executed through a direct connection between your device and ShapeShift. It doesn’t pass through Decentral’s servers, and we’re never privy to the sensitive information you provide to ShapeShift.

Step 8: Once logged in, there will be a loading animation, then a green checkmark with the message ShapeShift connection successful.

Important Reminders

Now you are ready to access ShapeShift directly from Jaxx Liberty. Some important reminders:

  • Jaxx Liberty never stores your ShapeShift user account or password. It only stores, on-device, a connection “token” authenticating you to ShapeShift for a year. This authorization does not grant Jaxx Liberty any privileges. It only tells ShapeShift that you’ve logged in — a little like a browser cookie.
  • The connection token only exists on the device on which you’ve completed the process. It is never stored on any of our servers. If you reinstall Jaxx Liberty, or use it on another device, you’ll need to connect that device to ShapeShift to use it through Jaxx Liberty, too.
  • This process is only available in Jaxx Liberty, version 2.0.6+. All users of the original Jaxx are encouraged to migrate to Jaxx Liberty — it is free and it takes less than two minutes.
  • This change only influences Jaxx’s and Jaxx Liberty’s third-party connections. All native wallet functionality is independent of third-party integrations, and can be used in the same way as before.

Integrating this new connection to ShapeShift has given us the opportunity to re-engineer the entire Exchange module for the Jaxx Liberty platform from the ground up. This means that, in the future, it will be a faster and easier process for you to access other third-party services that broaden the experiences Jaxx Liberty helps unlock.

We’re here to help with these changes: our User Success team is available 24 hours a day. Simply submit a request via our support form, and be sure to choose ShapeShifting funds in Jaxx under the What type of issue are you having? section.

Jaxx Version 1.3.11 Released On All Platforms

Jaxx v. 1.3.11 is now available on Android, iOS, Linux, Chrome Extension, and all other platforms. This version brings improvements to the ShapeShift interface, transaction construction (mining fee) algorithm, security updates, and many smaller improvements.

Read more about these improvements below.


ShapeShift is now even easier to access through Jaxx. We’ve improved the interface to make it easier to understand and interact with. Upcoming versions of Jaxx will make this even easier.

Transaction Construction Algorithm (Transaction Cost Improvement)

Transactions are now being constructed in a more intelligent manner. UTXOs will now only be incorporated into a transaction if the value of that input is greater than the additional transaction fee cost (i.e. mining fee * bytes of input). This means lower costs for some transactions, which is particularly important for Bitcoin transactions. We will continue to do our part to help bring down transaction costs for Jaxx users.

Security Updates

We’ve improved the security of Jaxx in several ways. Certain Electron behaviours regarding drag-and-drop and “nodeIntegration” are now disabled, and system browsers will be relied upon in more cases (as opposed to the Electron browser). A special thank you to the Ethereum Blue team for their responsible disclosure of an Electron-related issue. We encourage disclosure to our Chief Security Officer, Dr. Shu Wang, at: [email protected]

Jaxx 1.0 makes its official debut on all platforms – Day 3 of 7 Days of Jaxx

jaxx by decentral

After a four-month beta period, an intensive security audit, and over 10,000 downloads, we’re pleased to announce that Jaxx, our multi-platform blockchain wallet, is now officially out of beta for all device versions. It’s been vetted and battle-tested, and ready to become your all-in-one digital wallet solution. Jaxx 1.0 is now available for iOS, Android, PC/Mac/Linux desktops, and as a Chrome/Firefox browser extension. Jaxx 1.0 supports bitcoin and ether, and will be adding full support for The DAO later this week, with many more coins and tokens to follow.



Our Vision and Mission

Our products are built around a few key principles:

  • We never store, distribute, or even have access to customer information or funds
  • We employ common cryptographic standards to that users will be able to regain access to their funds even if we go down
  • We dislike friction points, including passwords, and do away with them whevever possible; we start with ease of use, then build in optional security features
  • Our products are design-led, with a focus on accessible, intuitive user experience and inviting graphics

These principles have informed all of our products to date, including our web wallets EthereumWallet and RushWallet and the Kryptokit Extension, and Jaxx 1.0 represents the next step in our evolution as we work to unify the blockchain experience across devices. Our goal is for Jaxx to be nothing less than the definitive wallet platform for new and experienced users of Bitcoin, Ethereum, The DAO, and ultimately a wide variety of other coins and tokens.


Security, Consistency, and Accessibility

All versions of Jaxx are built on the same Javascript/HTML codebase, ensuring consistency of experience and design across all device versions, while also taking advantage of each device’s unique features. This method also ensures we can rapidly deploy new updates for all device versions to add features and respond to user feedback very quickly.


All balances and private keys are backed up by a single 12-word mnemonic, which can also be used to pair your wallet on multiple devices. This means that whether you’re at home or on the go, you’ll have secure, quick access to all of your funds and tokens. For added security in case any of your devices is compromised, an optional security PIN protects all functions that can be used to pair your wallet or remove funds.



Robust, Responsive Support

We know that for new and even seasoned users, the crypto space can be very confusing, even hostile, turning away many potential users and hampering community growth. Our Help Center breaks down Jaxx feature by feature in plain language, and our support team works hard to respond to any and all user issues and questions efficiently, often within just a few minutes. Whether you’re having trouble spotting a particular security feature or you’re confused about how to get your first bitcoin, we’re always happy to help and advise. You can reach us via the Support widget at


The Future of Jaxx

As Jaxx continues to grow, our ultimate goal is to become the command center for your digital life, including all of your coins, tokens, contracts, identity, etc. Our upcoming slate of integrations will greatly enhance Jaxx’s flexibility and functionality and get us closer to that goal. We were the first to unite Bitcoin and Ethereum in a single wallet, as well as the first to bring Ethereum to iOS, and we’re looking forward to a lot more milestones to come.

You can find links to all versions of Jaxx at Expect more major announcements as 7 Days of Jaxx continues..


Download Jaxx for
PC / Mac / Linux Desktop

Jaxx brings Ethereum to iOS. Official 1.0 wallet now available in the App Store

jaxx by decentral

We’re excited to announce that today we’ve published the 1.0 release of Jaxx on the App Store, marking its public debut on Apple devices, as well as being the first Ethereum wallet for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod). The 1.0 release will be available for all other Jaxx device at once, in the next couple days as we begin “Seven Days of Jaxx”. More on this later today.ios-jaxx-image


Due to the DDoS attacks we were hit with earlier this week – a first for us – we’ve had to readjust our plan to launch the 1.0 release simultaneously on all platforms and devices. We were forced to spend days and developer resources working through the attacks. Please note that we did not and will never pay ransoms. All sites are now running normally.


Props to our team for getting through the DDoS issues. It should be stressed that these attacks didn’t affect our wallets at all nor compromise any user information, save for briefly limiting access to our bitcoin web wallet, RushWallet. We have no idea if these attacks were competitor-based (as stated in the ransom email we received), but we’ve upped our sites’ security configuration to ensure there’s no recurrence, and at the end of the day, we’re stronger because of this whole ordeal.


The DDoS attacks had already slowed us down considerably, and then we got a call from Jon Southurst at, asking about the rumors that Apple was potentially blocking Ethereum wallets on the App Store. I told him this was the first we’d heard of it, and that we’d had a test build uploaded and approved on the App Store for over a week. We thought nothing of it until we saw the actual piece the following day mentioning the rumours.


We huddled, and unanimously decided to shift our priorities immediately to get the app up ASAP to test these rumors. Unfortunately for us, we had made some changes to Jaxx since our test build got approved by Apple, so we had to resubmit and hope for a reapproval – an anxious time. We had no idea if there’d been a change of policy on Apple’s end that might affect our chances. In the interim, we didn’t want to chime in on any rumors, just focus on getting the build released. Finally, we got word of the approval of the 1.0 build at 9:21pm EST last night.


Because of the rush to push the iOS, there are some cosmetic issues with this release some might experience, specifically on smaller screens. We’re not happy about this but it will be improved very soon. We’re also disappointed that we didn’t get to issue all versions of the 1.0 simultaneously as originally envisioned. However, we also felt that this would be a nice treat for Apple fans who’ve been patiently waiting throughout our beta phase to use Jaxx. This release will also serve as a test case for Apple’s stance on Ethereum apps down the road. We’re up, let’s see what happens next.


On the subject of our Jaxx integration for The DAO: this has been a priority, as we believe that accessible integration tools are key to the overall success of the project, but unfortunately these elements won’t be ready for our initial 1.0 releases. This will be ready in plenty of time for voting on the first Proposals.


We are, however, expecting our full-featured DAO integration to roll out during our “Seven Days of Jaxx,” which starts today. This is an initiative we’ve been planning for a while that will showcase foxes, hardware, cubes, integration plans, rockets, DAOs, proposals, and a bunch more goodies..We’re going all out, are super excited and believe the community will be as well. More to follow on this later today.




About Jaxx

For those not familiar with Jaxx, it’s our multi-platform blockchain wallet, developed around a few key principles:


  • Our wallets are design-led, with a focus on intuitive user experience
  • Single screen use (everything you need is on one screen)
  • All security elements / keys etc. are stored client-side, and never sent to any servers
  • A shared codebase ensures a unified experience across devices
  • All wallet assets can be backed up or restored with a single, 12-word mnemonic
  • Our use of common cryptographic standards ensures that you’ll always be able to recover your funds even if Jaxx goes down
  • We’ve removed as many points of friction as possible – no login process or user information is required
  • Jaxx currently supports ether and bitcoin, with full DAO integration to come shortly and many more blockchains and coins to follow.

Jaxx is available for:

  • iOS mobile devices and tablets (Official 1.0)
    Android mobile devices and tablets (Beta)
    PC, Mac, and Linux desktops (Beta)
    Chrome and Firefox browser extensions (Beta)

All versions except for the iOS right now can be downloaded at the Jaxx website.


Download Jaxx for
PC / Mac / Linux Desktop

Jaxx Advanced Send Tab Smart Contract Features Released

jaxx by decentral


Jaxx Advanced Send Tab Smart Contract Features
Jaxx with Ethereum Smart Contract features

Anthony from Kryptokit here. We’re excited to announce the release of a major Ethereum-side improvement of Jaxx across all devices / platforms. Ethereum is all about smart contracts, and now with Jaxx beta version 0.0.15 users can send to Ethereum contracts.




Jaxx Advanced Send Tab Smart Contract Features


Once a contract address has been detected in the “receiving address” tab, an advanced panel will open, a suggested gas amount will be displayed as will options to adjust gas and add custom data to the send. Alternatively, the advanced tab can be opened manually. Enter 0 in the amount field, or the amount of Ether you want to send along with the contract in the amount field in order for the send button to activate. Also, on the Ethereum side, we added gas price display in transactions. With these new features, no longer is Jaxx just about payments, we’ve entered the initial stages of smart contract integration. More to come.

With Jaxx advanced send tab smart contract features, no longer is Jaxx just about payments, we’ve entered the initial stages of smart contract integration. More to come.


More to come this week with Jaxx!


With these major features released, we still have 2 more coming this week. Shapeshift integration and Ethereum (joining its Bitcoin counterpart) with HD (Hierarchal Deterministic) functionality. Stay tuned!

On another note, other features included in the 0.0.15 release include the option to import encrypted paper wallets (Bitcoin & Ethereum), various U/I and text tweaks, and crash fixes for Android devices.

Suggestions, comments, feedback always welcome. [email protected]


Anthony Di Iorio

+1 416-831-9593 (Mobile)

Jaxx by Kryptokit: Your go-to Bitcoin & Ethereum wallet on all devices

jaxx by decentral


Over the past two weeks, we’ve been launching multiple versions of Jaxx, our new fleet of wallets that unifies the Bitcoin and Ethereum experience. As of today, we’re more than halfway through our roll-out on 12+ platforms. In fact, we’re almost at the finish line.

So far, we have Jaxx for mobile and tablet for both Android and iOS, a Chrome Extension and a Firefox Extension (Nightly). With Jaxx’s cross-platform integration feature, you can use your wallet whenever and wherever you are.

Jaxx ios
Portrait Mode  (Mobile, Extension, Tablet Versions)

jaxx tablet
Landscape Mode (Tablet & Desktop Versions)

The next phase of our roll-out, scheduled for today, will be the simultaneous launch of three desktop versions: Windows, Mac, and Linux. After that, we’ll be releasing Jaxx for BlackBerry mobiles and tablets, or we may decide to push out Windows 10 app and Windows phone versions, still TBD. We’re also constantly updating existing versions of Jaxx with minor bug fixes and upgrades based on community feedback.

Jaxx Desktop
Jaxx (Dekstop Version)


Why Jaxx?

We notice that while there are plenty of Bitcoin wallets out there, there is yet to be one that offers a significant number of features while keeping the interface slick and user-friendly. Our goal is to become the default wallet so that whenever a new user in the Ethereum or Bitcoin space (or a user of our Bitcoin ATM) asks “What wallet should I use?”, doesn’t matter what device they’re using, we can say Jaxx. 

Designed by Kryptokit, Jaxx is easy-to-use on your mobile, browser, and desktop.

Intuitive User Interface

Users can easily access the various features of Jaxx with a touch of a button. Everything is laid out in a single-screen, intuitive user interface. From the main Jaxx screen, you can send and receive bitcoin and ether, view your address in QR code and text form, and review your current balance in BTC/ETH or the fiat currency of your choice, as well as the maximum spendable amount and a list of recent transactions.

Jaxx iOS ethereum jaxx iOS currency jaxx iOS backup

We designed Jaxx with beginners in mind – it provides helpful information on how to use the wallet and how to send and receive funds. Additional help is always available on the Jaxx website, and our team is always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have – shoot us an email at [email protected] or tweet at us @jaxx_io.

Thank you everyone for your constant support!