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Jaxx Version 1.3.11 Released On All Platforms

Jaxx v. 1.3.11 is now available on Android, iOS, Linux, Chrome Extension, and all other platforms. This version brings improvements to the ShapeShift interface, transaction construction (mining fee) algorithm, security updates, and many smaller improvements.

Read more about these improvements below.


ShapeShift is now even easier to access through Jaxx. We’ve improved the interface to make it easier to understand and interact with. Upcoming versions of Jaxx will make this even easier.

Transaction Construction Algorithm (Transaction Cost Improvement)

Transactions are now being constructed in a more intelligent manner. UTXOs will now only be incorporated into a transaction if the value of that input is greater than the additional transaction fee cost (i.e. mining fee * bytes of input). This means lower costs for some transactions, which is particularly important for Bitcoin transactions. We will continue to do our part to help bring down transaction costs for Jaxx users.

Security Updates

We’ve improved the security of Jaxx in several ways. Certain Electron behaviours regarding drag-and-drop and “nodeIntegration” are now disabled, and system browsers will be relied upon in more cases (as opposed to the Electron browser). A special thank you to the Ethereum Blue team for their responsible disclosure of an Electron-related issue. We encourage disclosure to our Chief Security Officer, Dr. Shu Wang, at: