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ShapeShift Memberships in Jaxx Liberty

ShapeShift Memberships in Jaxx Liberty

Jaxx Liberty is a platform. It provides native functionality for managing your blockchain assets. And it provides for on-platform functionalities by allowing users to interact directly with third parties — like ShapeShift, whose exchange functionality will undergo significant changes from 5 pm Eastern Time (22:00 UTC) on Wednesday, November 7th.

ShapeShift Membership and Jaxx Users

ShapeShift is now changing the way it interacts with users. ShapeShift Membership is a registration and loyalty program that requires basic customer information — ShapeShift calls this a “Level 1 membership” — and provides ShapeShift’s FOX token to its users. We’re told that the FOX token will provide ShapeShift users with benefits like higher trading limits, rewards on trading volume, better exchange pricing, private market and trade data, and early access to new coins, products and services.

As a result of this change, those who wish to be ShapeShift users must sign up and activate a Level 1 membership on the ShapeShift Web site here. ShapeShift users will then be able to connect their account in order to access the service directly through Jaxx Liberty, as of 5 pm Eastern Time (22:00 UTC), November 7.

We know users enjoy the seamless ShapeShift experience.  If you wish to continue using ShapeShift in this way, you can do so by making sure you have upgraded from Jaxx Classic to Jaxx Liberty. It’s free and the upgrade takes less than two minutes. We have added exciting new features in Jaxx Liberty like portfolio charts, market prices, a multi-chain block explorer, and news feeds.

We are expecting the Jaxx Liberty update that provides for the updated ShapeShift connection to be available as of the morning — Eastern Time — of November 8th. As a result, ShapeShift access will no longer be possible via Jaxx Classic or Jaxx Liberty from 5 pm Eastern Time (22:00 UTC) on November 7th, and will be enabled only in the Jaxx Liberty update the following day.

Connecting ShapeShift Account to Jaxx Liberty

Here are a few steps required to connecting your ShapeShift Membership account to your Jaxx Liberty:

Step 1: Download and install Jaxx Liberty. If you’re currently using Jaxx Classic, here’s how to migrate to Jaxx Liberty in less than two minutes.

Step 2: Get a ShapeShift Membership account. If you already have one, go to the next step. If you don’t have one, visit and get a Level 1 membership. Then continue with Step 3.

Step 3: Open Jaxx Liberty wallet and go to the menu.

Step 4: Scroll down to Third Party Authorization. If you don’t have this item in the menu, update to the version 2.0.6 or higher.

Step 5: Choose the ShapeShift option from the Third Party Authorization menu.

Step 6: Click or tap on the orange Connect to ShapeShift button.

Step 7: Authenticate with your ShapeShift account. This is executed through a direct connection between your device and ShapeShift. It doesn’t pass through Decentral’s servers, and we’re never privy to the sensitive information you provide to ShapeShift.

Step 8: Once logged in, there will be a loading animation, then a green checkmark with the message ShapeShift connection successful.

Important Reminders

Now you are ready to access ShapeShift directly from Jaxx Liberty. Some important reminders:

  • Jaxx Liberty never stores your ShapeShift user account or password. It only stores, on-device, a connection “token” authenticating you to ShapeShift for a year. This authorization does not grant Jaxx Liberty any privileges. It only tells ShapeShift that you’ve logged in — a little like a browser cookie.
  • The connection token only exists on the device on which you’ve completed the process. It is never stored on any of our servers. If you reinstall Jaxx Liberty, or use it on another device, you’ll need to connect that device to ShapeShift to use it through Jaxx Liberty, too.
  • This process is only available in Jaxx Liberty, version 2.0.6+. All users of Jaxx Classic are encouraged to migrate to Jaxx Liberty — it is free and it takes less than two minutes.
  • This change only influences Jaxx Classic’s and Jaxx Liberty’s third-party connections. All native wallet functionality is independent of third-party integrations, and can be used in the same way as before.

Integrating this new connection to ShapeShift has given us the opportunity to re-engineer the entire Exchange module for the Jaxx Liberty platform from the ground up. This means that, in the future, it will be a faster and easier process for you to access other third-party services that broaden the experiences Jaxx Liberty helps unlock.

We’re here to help with these changes: our User Success team is available 24 hours a day. Simply submit a request via our support form, and be sure to choose ShapeShifting funds in Jaxx under the What type of issue are you having? section.