Customizing Jaxx: How to Manage Tokens and Currencies

In line with Jaxx’s mission to unify the blockchain experience, we have integrated multiple tokens into our wallet over the past few months and continue to explore opportunities with other tokens. At this point, you can manage Bitcoin, Ether, Ethereum Classic, DASH, Litecoin and Augur’s REP in Jaxx, and easily convert them right in the wallet using ShapeShift.


While offering the option to hold several different tokens, we take into account that some users might only transact in one token or a select few. Also, given our users are based in different countries across the globe, we provide a series of fiat currencies. With our users in mind, we’ve introduced a feature that allows users to select which tokens and currencies are displayed by default and how to hide the rest.


Demo on Customizing Jaxx


In the video below, Annie from Jaxx will show you how to customize your Jaxx wallet so that you can add and sort the tokens and currencies that you want to see.


Her Jaxx wallet on iOS initially supports Bitcoin and Ethereum tokens only, in Canadian and US currencies. By going to “wallets” nested in the hamburger menu on the top right hand corner, you can add a few more or all of the tokens that Jaxx offers to the main interface, and display more or all of the currencies. You can also customize the order that tokens and currencies appear in by dragging and dropping them.


If you accidentally unchecked a token you have funds in, don’t worry. When a token is hidden, you won’t lose any of your funds; they will be sitting there until you re-activate it.


In any case, don’t forget to back up your wallet and secure your 12-word mnemonic phrase. Only get your Jaxx wallet from and trusted stores.