Jaxx Academy: What is a Block Explorer?


Welcome to our new Jaxx Academy video series. Jaxx Academy will be an ongoing series of short videos where you’ll learn about blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the decentralized movement. In our first video (see below), we address what is a block explorer, and how to use it.  

Search the Blockchain

A blockchain is like a huge database, a ledger that holds a lot of information that is stored in sets of data, called blocks. Blockchains are transparent and designed to be immutable. All of the information on the blockchain is available for you to explore.

What if you were able to find exactly what you’re looking for on a blockchain, quickly and easily?

A block explorer allows you to do just that. Think of it like a browser for the blockchain that helps you navigate the data, and see detailed information of all of the activity ever recorded.

To use a block explorer you will need to find one for each cryptocurrency that you’re looking at (i.e. Bitcoin, Ethereum.) Then, enter the address, transaction ID or the block number in a search box to look through the data. It can become a cumbersome process to move from one website to another in order to find the information you’re looking for.

The good news is that some wallets, like Jaxx Liberty, have integrated a block explorer supporting multiple blockchains directly within the wallet. This makes the search process easier and more convenient for you. Now, you can directly find what you’re looking for, in one place.

Are you ready to (block) explore? Watch and share the video above.