Jaxx development update: KryptoKit extension, RushWallet and EthereumWallet announcement

The clock is ticking. The end-of-life process for the KryptoKit chrome extension as well as RushWallet and EthereumWallet clients has begun. Decentral no longer supports these platforms. They will be taken offline for their planned end-of-life on April 15th 2018.

If these changes affect you, please click here for a step-by-step guide on what to do next.

Users of the KryptoKit chrome extension are much better served by the Jaxx Chrome extension. That’s because Jaxx is faster, more secure, and has more features. KryptoKit users can use their private keys from inside KryptoKit to access those wallets inside the latest update of Jaxx. The Jaxx Chrome extension is available on the Jaxx website.

Similar improvements are available to RushWallet and EthereumWallet users who upgrade to Jaxx. Please note that Jaxx is available for iOS, Android, Mac, Linux and Windows – in addition to the Chrome extension. Download Jaxx for your preferred platform on our downloads page today.