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Jaxx Liberty Canada Day Launch

This Sunday, July 1st is Canada Day and to celebrate, we’ll be releasing a new version of Jaxx: “Jaxx Liberty.” It’s a completely new version of Jaxx with a new look, new internals, new features (including an integrated portfolio, market data and aggregated headline news), and new backend servers. We’re incredibly excited to bring a fresh approach to the wallet space and to empower users with new features.

We’ve been creating a new version of Jaxx since February of this year. It’s the result of many months of planning (which began in 2017) and hard work by our development team. We’re eager to share this new product with the world on July 1st, but we’re also cognizant of our important role in the wallet ecosystem and appreciative of our global user base of approximately one million people.

Our Release Plan for Jaxx Liberty Beta

Platform Device Types Launch Date for Beta
Android (Play Store) Phones & Tablets July 1st
iOS (App Store) Phones & Tablets July 1st
Windows ( Desktop July 1st
Mac ( Desktop July 1st
Linux ( Desktop July 9th-July 31st
Chrome Extension (Chrome Extension Store) Extension July 9th-July 31st

What Will Be Released On July 1st?

On July 1st we’ll be posting beta builds for Windows (x86 and x64), and Mac on our website. We’ll also be starting a public beta program for iOS users (through TestFlight) and another public beta program for Android users (through the Play Store). The links will be released on Canada Day. This will give everyone in the world a chance to try out the new Jaxx while ensuring that everyone’s private keys, Backup Phrases, and Jaxx data is safe (because the beta applications do not affect existing installed Jaxx).

What Won’t Be Released On July 1st?

We’ll be releasing the Linux version soon after July 1st. This is our smallest user base so we have prioritized testing on higher-use platforms. But we are committed to making Jaxx available on as many platforms as we can in order to give people the greatest choice of wallets. Linux is important to us, not least because it’s the platform we use for all of the backend servers that power Jaxx.   

We will roll out the new Chrome Extension version of Jaxx Liberty once it has been thoroughly tested. There will be no Chrome Extension available on July 1st. In the meantime we ask that users continue using the Jaxx Chrome Extension.

When Will Jaxx Liberty Be Generally Available?

We will begin a staged rollout of Jaxx Liberty in mid-July barring any unforeseen issues with the beta program.

Beta Program

Jaxx Liberty will be released on July 1st as a beta product. Our users expect a high standard from Jaxx and a beta program will help us to ensure that we release the best possible product to everyone. One of the reasons why we’ve become such a popular choice for users is that Jaxx is easy to use and has a long-term commitment to our community. We’ve been in business for many years and our company’s founder and CEO Anthony Di Iorio is one of the co-founders of Ethereum, so we don’t view releasing products as a milestone to be rushed but, instead, as a target to be reached.

A Proactive Approach To Security

The Jaxx Liberty beta program is designed with security in mind. But we can’t do it without you. We urge you to take steps to protect your digital assets. We have always recommended, and continue to recommend, that users write down their “Backup Phrase” (sometimes called a “mnemonic” or “root seed”). This is the only guarantee that digital assets are safe. It’s something we strongly recommend for anyone taking part in the beta, or using the original Jaxx.

We’re In This Together

Jaxx is available on many different kinds of devices (phones, desktops, etc.) and platforms (Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, Mac, etc.) and thousands of different combinations of hardware and software. We try our best to test internally but ultimately the only way to know whether it works on a given combination of hardware and software is to run it and it’s impossible for us to have thousands of phones available for testing. We rely on users and reports of bugs to fix issues that people experience. If you spot an issue on your device please file a ticket with us so that our engineers can give it the attention it deserves.

Jaxx is a product of Decentral Inc. but also the entire community of people who’ve provided valuable feedback about bugs, potential features to include, and new digital assets that we should integrate. With the help of our community it will keep getting better.

Can Users Keep Using Their Current Version Of Jaxx?

Yes. Users will be able to run the current version of Jaxx and the new version of Jaxx at the same time. We have set it up so that the beta applications use different locations to store the files (which contain encrypted backup phrases and other data necessary for Jaxx) so that there won’t be a conflict between the two versions of Jaxx.

Should Users Use Only The Beta?

We recommend that users not rely solely on the beta version of Jaxx Liberty. It is very similar to the current Jaxx, but we suggest a cautious approach towards it. Treat it the way you would treat the physical wallet you have in your pocket or purse that you carry around with you every day: don’t use the beta for large sums you’re unwilling to lose. Continue to use the current Jaxx for frequent use until a general update is rolled out. This will happen in July, assuming all of our testing goes smoothly and feedback from users regarding the stability of Jaxx Liberty is positive. We won’t rush the rollout process and we don’t recommend that our users do that either. But the new version of Jaxx Liberty does contain many exciting features that we think the world will want to try out while we complete our testing and prepare for a general rollout of Jaxx Liberty.