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Information On Jaxx Liberty Beta

Jaxx Liberty is available as a beta product for the next two weeks. The purpose of this beta is to give our users a chance to provide feedback and for us to obtain real-world usage information on a wide variety of devices.

We are looking for as much feedback as possible about bugs, product issues, or unexpected behaviour. We’ve created a Slack community where beta users can communicate with our QA team and developers: Liberty Beta Slack Invitation. This is the best way to reach our team but emails with detailed bug reports or feedback can also be sent to our QA team by email:

There are several ways to join the Jaxx Liberty beta programs, depending on which platform is being used. But for all of these methods, we recommend that users approach this release with caution. This is a beta product that is not as polished as the general availability release of Jaxx will be.


The Android beta of Liberty can be downloaded from the Play Store testing page.

iOS (iPhone and iPad)

The iOS beta requires that “TestFlight” be installed, you can then sign up using our form here.  

The App Store requires that we manually enter everyone into the beta program. Our QA team will be adding people in batches as they sign up so it may take up to 24 hours for an invitation to be sent for the iOS beta. If this is too long to wait, the Android, Mac or Windows versions can be used instead, but we encourage all iOS users to please sign up and provide feedback about the beta application.

Mac (desktop)

The Mac desktop beta of Liberty can be downloaded directly from the Jaxx website; the link is here.

Windows (desktop)

The Windows desktop beta of Liberty can be downloaded directly from the Jaxx website at this link.

This Is A Beta

We recommend that users not rely solely on the beta version of Jaxx Liberty. It is very similar to the current Jaxx, but we suggest a cautious approach towards it. Treat it the way you would treat the physical wallet you have in your pocket or purse that you carry around with you every day: don’t use the beta for large sums you’re unwilling to lose. Continue to use the current Jaxx for frequent use until a general update is rolled out. This will happen in July, assuming all of our testing goes smoothly and feedback from users regarding the stability of Jaxx Liberty is positive. You can find out more about our rollout plan here. But the new version of Jaxx Liberty does contain many exciting features that we think the world will want to try out while we complete our testing and prepare for a general rollout of Jaxx Liberty.