The Jaxx Team Is Growing!

30 Days of Jaxx, Day 4: Our New Chief Security Officer

Today, Jaxx is proud to welcome Dr. Shu Wang, (PhD. Computer Science) to its team. Shu comes with a wealth of experience in the Security, Infrastructure and Cloud Computing space, having held such positions as Advisory Software Engineer & Researcher for IBM’s Security AppScan Source product. He has contributed to IBM’s Team Blue, which won 3rd place in the DEFCON world network forensics contest, in addition to winning 2nd place in a cross-team Hackathon. Shu also published a paper titled “Static application security testing for crypto-currency ecosystems“ in 2014, which was met with wide acclaim in the ecosystem.

Shu joins Jaxx at a critical time in the blockchain industry as it continues to garner increased public interest. Security has always been a top priority for Jaxx, which has a history of innovation when it comes to blockchain privacy and security. For example, Jaxx was one of the first cryptocurrency wallets to transition towards a HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) format for its users. Shu’s addition to the team will directly contribute to the company’s overall mission of empowering individuals to take control of their digital lives by securing Jaxx’s core products and ensuring that user identities and assets are protected.

“Dr. Wang’s wealth of experience in IT security, coupled with his enthusiasm for the blockchain industry, signals to our users that we’re continuously focusing on maintaining our position as a privacy and security leader,” said Jaxx founder and CEO Anthony Di Iorio.

“I’ve personally witnessed Anthony and Decentral go from small meetups up to launching Ethereum, followed by Jaxx being introduced to the space,” said Dr. Shu Wang. “The growth has been tremendous. I’m excited to be part of the team because of how Jaxx strives to innovate in the industry. Introducing Shapeshift to the platform was one such innovation and I can’t wait to help with future integrations.”

With Di Iorio at the helm, Jaxx has grown substantially over the past three months by doubling the size of its team. Shu’s addition adds to a string of other corporate crossovers to the Jaxx team, a trend that has increased in the blockchain space as of late. Shu also joins a number of ex-IBMers, such as Warren Yen, our creative director.