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Jaxx Does Not Offer Phone Support

We take great pride in offering one of the best, free, multi-platform, multi-currency digital asset wallets in the industry, and with it comes a world-class support system, but we do not offer and have never offered phone support. The Community Success team believes our written support channels deliver high-quality, responsive help in a way that is fast and clear. This means that our Community Success team works around the clock to rapidly assist users through written support channels like email, web tickets and social media.

As such, anyone posing as a member of the Community Success team with a phone query is not us, so please be aware that is a tell-tale sign of an impostor. Beyond that, please be on the lookout for anyone calling you, pretending to be a member of the User Success team. We do not call our users to offer wallet recovery services.

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It is a fact that we cannot actually offer any wallet recovery services as all the wallet security information is only saved locally, on your device, there is nothing saved on any Jaxx server for us to recover for you. Your Jaxx Liberty master seed is generated randomly through an industry standard protocol (BIP39) and by keeping a copy of it safe, you are guaranteed full ownership management of your digital assets.  Please be safe and guard your wallet information and digital assets. Nobody on the Community Success team will ever request your 12-word Backup Phrase or your Private Keys, which should be stored safely and not shared with anyone you do not want to grant direct access to your digital assets.

We decided to stick to written support only because one clear advantage is that it’s efficient and transparent for a global user base. The Jaxx Liberty team does not offer phone support, but it does offer 24-hour free help through written channels if you request it. If you need help, you should head to our Help Center on and after carefully looking at all the FAQ answers we posted there, reach out to us by submitting a support ticket.

We have chosen to offer these written communication methods for a reason, and that is to provide users with the very best support experience possible. The Jaxx team does not offer phone support and we have a system in place that serves users well, based on your feedback and best practices. In addition, we have carefully selected the teams that make up the Jaxx User Success department to ensure a rapid and robust solution-focused approach.

Thank you for your continuing trust and support,

Andrei Daniliuc

Community Success Manager

Decentral Inc.

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