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Your Support Request May Have Slipped By Us Recently. Here’s Why.

You deserve outstanding, high quality and reliable support from our User Success team. If you have questions regarding your experience with Jaxx Classic or Jaxx Liberty, you need to be able to get in touch with our team in a swift and timely manner. This is a standard that you expect and one that we strive to achieve each day.

A recent minor incident has led to a less than ideal experience for some of our users. In this blog post, we uncover what the issue was and how it has since been resolved.


It’s our goal to always respond to your inquiries in a prompt manner. The User Success team ensures that the first response you receive on a newly submitted request is within two hours of receiving your initial inquiry. Quite often, it’s a lot faster than that.

If you’ve been in touch with our User Success team in the past couple of weeks, you may have experienced some unusual gaps in the email correspondence. When we dug into this, we realized that we were not receiving a number of email responses from our users. We then began an investigation.


Immediate steps were taken to reach a resolution:

1.    We reached out to Zendesk — the support platform we use to correspond with our users.

2.   We checked the main email inbox your responses go to.

3.   We discovered that a recent change was made to the Gmail Spam Policy, whereby stricter rules around ‘Spam’ email were applied automatically.

4.   As a result, some of your support answers were being classified as ‘Spam’, and therefore not imported as a follow up in the respective Zendesk support ticket.

5.   A fix was immediately applied by creating a filter so that new emails would no longer be classified as ‘Spam’ for that inbox.

6.   Since applying this filter, your emails are not being missed.


If you were one of the affected users by this issue, we apologize and assure you we’re here to help you. You expect a great experience every time you interact with us, and we stand by that standard. Our User Success team is focused on ensuring you are always left with a great experience — one that provides you with great service and support no matter how you reach out to us.

If you still believe you’re experiencing this issue, please send a direct email to Or, you can reach out to us with your ticket number via any other communication channel to report the matter: Twitter, Reddit and Telegram, and our User Success team will prioritize your case to reach an immediate and successful resolution.

Thank you,

Andrei D.

User Success Manager

Andrei is the User Success Manager for Decentral, the makers of Jaxx and Jaxx Liberty. A big focus of his, is to ensure our users receive excellent support service at all times.