On the Topic of Segwit2x VS Bitcoin Core and Replay Protection

On the Topic of Segwit2x VS Bitcoin Core and Replay Protection

Regardless of the outcome of the coming hard fork in November, your funds will be safe on both chains. Some websites claiming to be official have said that Jaxx will not be compatible with either of the chains. This is incorrect.

November’s Segwit2x hard fork is coming closer and the team here at Jaxx are monitoring developments in the conversations within both the Segwit2x and Bitcoin Core communities closely. There have been major developments in recent days that leave the question of how best to manage replay protection up in the air. Our intent is to implement a solution that ensures our users funds continue to be maximally secure. The specifics of how we accomplish this depend on the outcome of the fork.

Each user should understand: after the hard fork every transaction in both chains will be affected by replay attacks if neither chain implements replay protection. This is a concern for every individual in the entire community regardless of which wallet solution we each use.

There is good news for each of us. Regardless of the outcome of the Bitcoin Core VS Segwit2x fork there are steps Jaxx users may take to minimize the risk they’re exposed to:

After the hard fork – in both chains – the first transaction you do should be to transfer all your holdings from your current wallet to a  brand new wallet under your control.

Do see this link from Diogo Monica for more detail.

Jaxx mission is to continue to provide a secure and chain-agnostic platform that ensures you have complete control of your assets. Jaxx users are in complete control of their private keys through their masterseed; Jaxx never stores your keys server-side and never has access to your funds.