Jaxx Development Update for December 1st 2017

The Jaxx development team here at Decentral Inc. has been busy this Fall. We’re proud of our work offering our application across eight platforms and supporting dozens of exciting blockchain projects. We’ve made significant progress on our mission to deliver the best HD wallet in the world.

Infrastructure: We’ve increased and improved the infrastructure we use to operate nodes on the variety of blockchains we support. This added capacity makes Jaxx faster and more reliable than ever. We’ll continue rolling out new infrastructure (servers and systems) in December as expand to meet & exceed demand for Jaxx wallets.

Security Improvements and User Education: We’ve implemented an optional pin code to more strongly protect our user’s assets. This pin secures access in Jaxx to the screens that display the 12-word Masterseed “backup phrase” (BIP39). Users new to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies often do not understand the power of the 12-word Masterseed structure we use in Jaxx. We never hold or control our user’s assets; those assets remain on their respective blockchains and the Masterseed is a powerful tool for controlling them. Adding pin functionality has been a great way to help new users understand how to use their Masterseed to pair their wallets across devices and to understand the Masterseed should be backed-up.

Asset Swapping with Shapeshift: We’ve made UI changes to make the swapping of tokens easier and more intuitive. Control of gas prices and clear confirmations have helped make Shapeshifting assets inside Jaxx easy.

Tokens and Coins Supported:

Several of the tokens supported in Jaxx are not available in any other wallet available on iOS. Tokens and Coins currently live in Jaxx include:

AION / Nuco CVC / Civic EOS GUP / Match Pool
ANT / Aragon CFI / CoFoundIt ETH / Ethereum MLN / Melon
REP / Augur CRB / CreditBit ART / Maecenas MCO / Monaco
BNT / Bancor DPP / DA Powerplay ETC / Ethereum Classic MCI / Musiconomi
BAT / Basic Attention DASH / Dash 1ST / Firstblood PPP / PayPie
BCAP / Blockchain Capital DGD / Digix FUL / Fuel POE /
BTC / Bitcoin DOGE / Dogecoin GNO / Gnosis PRE / Presearch
BCH / Bitcoin Cash DRT / DomRaider GNT / Golem QTUM
LTC / Litecoin EDG / Edgeless ICN / Iconomi RSK Testnet
BCP / Blockmason ENJ / Enjin RLC / iExec RLC ROUND
SLT / Salt STX / Stox UKG / Unikrn
SAN / Santiment SWM / Swarm WINGS / Wings
SNT / Status PAY / TenX WRC / Worldcore
STO / Storm TKN / TokenCard ZEC / Zcash

Looking Forward to 2018: we expect the cryptocurrency and blockchain communities will continue their growth in 2018. The Decentral team will continue to expand the Jaxx platform to support the best and brightest blockchain projects. If you would like to see a certain project supported in Jaxx, do add your voice to others on our social media communities to cast your vote. Find us on or